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Jjong’s confession(?) on Blue Night

"I often get asked why me and Taemin’s room is so organized. I’m here to say that it’s all thanks to me. He never picks up after himself. You’re welcome, Taemin-ah."

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Anonymous sent: Jongtae → "So, what do you do for a living?" Taemin asks that to nearly every blind date partner he had been arranged to meet. Only this one guy has managed to lift his eyes up (from anything but his blind date partner: Kim Jonghyun)


"So, what do you do for a living?"

Taemin pretty much asks that to ever blind date partner he’s ever been arranged to meet. It’s not because he’s snooty or anything, he’s just… well, a person’s gotta have prospects, right? Not like he’d turn a person away just because of their job, though. 

He likes hearing all the diversity in the jobs, too. He likes hearing exciting things, like that guy Minho set him up with with the cute eye-smile who ended up being a National Geographic cameraman. That was a fun night. Lots of stories. And, he was hung like a fucking horse (that certainly helped). Sadly, though, Jinki was better suited as a friend and he was back to circling through guys to find Mr. Right. 

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SM said “Leeteuk expressed his intention of wanting to discharge quietly, and he plans to leave the military without the events and interviews for fans and reporters in front of the troops on the 29th.”

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